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Yeah, he's fast...but have you seen his jammers?
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August 2008
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Maria [userpic]

"The Americans? We're going to smash them! That's what we came here for." - ALAIN BERNARD (France)

Look who's talking now! I'm sure you guys saw the most incredible 4x100m relay of all time. Michael, Garett, Cullen, and Jason swam the beejeezus in that Olympic pool! I was on the edge of my seat during the last leg of the race. I still can't believe how awesome Jason Lezak was! 3:08.24! Take that Alain Bernard!



so damn beautiful [userpic]


Phelps wins 1st Gold of the Games!

I'm just a notch in your bedpost. [userpic]

By now we all know about the lack of judgement that Michael displayed last Thursday night. Was I disappointed? Of course. Was I surprised? A little. Will this effect the fact that I admire him greatly? Not really. What he did was wrong. We all know that, and he knows it too. There is no excuse for it and no one should feel bad for him. But he's not my friend, my brother, or my son. I'm sure that he got more than enough of what some fans are trying to throw at him from the people he loves and from himself. I can't imagine what he must have been thinking at the time of the arrest, but it must have been something along the lines of "I just screwed up my entire life." There nothing worse than that feeling.

I have stood behind people that I believe in for things a lot worse than what Michael did and it's my feeling that if we, the fans, can't stand behind him through this then we weren't very good fans to begin with.

If you would like to show your support for Michael then please visit this site: We Support Michael Phelps

Michael's Apology!

StePhAnIe [userpic]

hey everyone. today is the deadline for the care package. i will be still excepting things up until friday thru email. but if your mailing me things they need to be post marked by tomorrow!! since today is a sunday they cant be post marked! so please please send your stuff in!!!! thanks
and questions please feel free to im me at summaxbabi143 or email me SOXGIRL234@AOL.COM


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